Our Story:
A journey of Trust

What happens when we travel without GPS, money, shelter or a plan. 

A Conscious journey Into  RESONANCE and LOVE

What happens when we venture into the unknown to invite and allow the most powerful and magical energy of the universe to show itself through trust, belief, curiosity and presence ?

An extraordinary journey home to the inner core of my soul and deep connection with this beautiful planet, humanity and it's most authentic heart in all of its colors. I have decided to embark on this adventure without the use of GPS, or spending money on food or shelter. My guidance is listening with each moment to my intuition and heart. I am exploring resonance as I step into each day with an intention, meditation and trust in the magic of the universe as I reconnect to the heart of Gaia (Earth) and humanity while I share all of the experiences on my blog along the way. I am allowing the journey to take me where it may with a focus on going where I can serve best with my gifts and my blog.


People have the opportunity to support  the ride in a variety of ways including monetary donations, information, suggestions, gear, experiences, opportunities, food, shelter, and more. You can even join me if the timing is right. After all isn't life more fun when you share it with other people ? 


Funds are being divided and allocated among 7 categories: Play/Experiences (15%), Necessities (cell phone, insurance, website, bills, etc. 20%), Gifting: to people that I meet in need along the way (10%), a new non-profit I am developing (10%), untouchable/long term savings (10%), continued education (20%), gear and repairs (15%).

I am also here to help and contribute in the ways that I can along the journey as a volunteer, LifeShift, Bemer, sharing other people's stories and hearts and whatever other magic wants to come my way.

When I connect with particular people, experiences and businesses, I love sharing the stories about their passion, connection and community on my blog and on social media - to get to the heart of the people and their creative expression in the world. My blog includes categories that are reflective of the journey such as Random Acts of Kindness, Miracles and Magic, The Law of Attraction, Channeled Writings, Conversations with Gaia, Food, People, Places and a Personal Daily Log & Journal.

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