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Our private programs are catered to your group's specific desires. 


Your program can include any or all of the following:

LifeShift ACTivate, LifeShift Bioenergetics, LifeShift Body and LifeShift Channeling 

Choose from 3-28 day programs

Connect to your soul, your gifts and your truth.

Discover what's underneth

Costa Rica

Coming Soon: Make a shift in Paradise

Shift in the heart of one of the most exotic locations on the planet. Discover yourself and the heart of Gaia while you connect with soul and your gifts. 

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Keep Me Updated on the shift in COSTA


Shift your vibration. Shift your life

with authentic play, sacred sensuality and creativity

For Private Retreats you can bring the LifeShift experience to you and the location of your choosing. This unique experience empowers groups to dive quickly and organically into the depths of their deepest truth and  begin to create life from there while we celebratethe beauty of vulnerability in the space of community.

Bring the Shift to you today. 

North Carolina

Coming Soon: Shift your life with the seasons

Play in nature and begin to resonate with home and your own truth

All while nestled in the heart of the North  Carolina Mountains. 

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Keep Me Updated on the shift in North Carolina


Akana is a vessel and channel for change, co-creation, creative expression, knowledge and transformation. An architect of experiences that tap into the root of who and what we truly are. He holds and creates spaces to empower people to transform physically, spiritually and emotionally into the direction of their most authentic, powerful, playful, sensual and creative self both personally and professionally. Akana does this by helping people shift locked patterns of resonance (old stories and beliefs that are no longer serving) and unlock their creative, sensual and emotional new expression in the world from their heart. Enabling them to live truthfully, vibrantly and unapologetically in their bodies.