The Chocolate Donut Diaries 3

Updated: Jan 12

Three years ago I had the idea to help my mother to move into an assisted living community.

I did Ann's writing workshop at Esalen back in 2015. After which my life would never be the same. I felt inspired today to look up our writing group again on Facebook. It hasn't been touched in years. The last several posts were mine. One professing my love to Amy, a woman I met at the workshop, one expressing my choice to leave my mother instead of run away from her and One asking for financial assistance with my mother in helping her to move into an assisted living community with a Go Fund Me video featuring me interviewing her and our dog who had just passed - also on my birthday. What is it with my fucking birthday? My mother, grandmother and my mother's dog all passing on the same day. The assisted living community just happened to be run by two of her old friends who used to run a chocolate store next to the candle store that my mother was working at down on the pier in Wilmington, NC. I remember introducing the idea to her. I didn't realize the Go Fund Me account was still active. The videos are so beautiful and loving and at the same time heart wrenching and haunting. If you'd like to meet me and my mother you can find us here: