Self Shift: The Universe Responds

I wrote late into the night disappointed that I didn't write more. I feel like I could write for months without stopping. There is so much I want to write. That wants to come out of me. Yesterday I told the universe I wouldn't move unless it was a fuck yes. A 10 out of a 10 and was asking for that as a means of clarity. That inspired action would be what would guide me. It felt great to chose that. To realize that I can wait. I can be still and allow the old stories that have been wanted to be felt . . . to be felt, to be heard. To be seen and shared. As my hidden anxieties, fears, terror, grief, rage and panic come to the surface and I embody them and write. Giving them a voice. Letting them finally tell me what they have longed to for what feels like eons. Often mirroring my current situation through a homeopathic of what it once was. That is why it triggers so much. The resonance. That is the gift. If we can allow it to be shown to us. This gives me the space and presence