A Story in Time (Day 1)

Updated: Jan 9

This is a story that has, over the course of the last 18 months, slowly come through my hands on to the keyboard. A story that has a life of its own. I'm writing it, but I'm not writing it. A surreal experience as it heads into spaces I never imagined or even thought to share. It has been and continued to be, like the channeling, an inspiration and a joy that has stimulated my senses as I it reveals itself as I type it. It is an honor to be the vessel for this creation. Like all creations it wants to be shared with the world. So instead of waiting for a finished product I have decided to share my process posting everyday until it is finished and share it virtually unedited. I have no idea where this is going though I am excited to, along with those that choose to follow it, find out. I believe when stories write themselves it can only come from the heart. From God. The bliss is the opportunity t