LIFE SHIFT North Carolina 


Luxury 4-Star Retreat Center

Gourmet Aryaveydic -based  Cuisine

Pristine Appalachian Mountain Backdrop

7 days of solitude to dive into your soul and remember your birthright

Shift your vibration. Shift your life

with authentic play, sacred sensuality and creativity

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is a powerful vessel and a channel for change, creation, creative expression, knowledge and transformation. He does this work as an actor, director, writer, teacher, LifeShift practitioner, energy worker and creator of experiences that tap into the root of who and what we truly are. He holds and creates spaces to empower people to transform physically, spiritually and emotionally into the direction of their most authentic, powerful, playful, sensual and creative self both personally and professionally. He does this by helping people unlock their creative, sensual and emotional expression in the world and connecting that expression to their heart enabling it to live truthfully, vibrantly and unapologetically in their bodies. 


is a dancer, writer, speaker and coach on a mission to bring humanity home to it's heart, through the moving body. She is a seasoned curator of experiences that provide PERMISSION to inhabit the abundance of pleasure, presence + PLAY available in our DNA, ways of being that bring us home to our natural state of ALIVENESS, KNOWING + FLOW.

Aliza draws from her training as a Board Certified dance/movement therapist, ordained priestess and lifelong dancer to help you trust your embodied knowing and live the life you came here for.  She leads retreats and workshops internationally, as well as online courses, ecstatic dances and personalized mentorships. Visit  for more.