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In January of 2015, Richard Handy (Akana) had an experience that would change the course of his life forever. At one in the morning, a multi-dimensional being that began to tell him about love, his work in the world, past lives and gave direction for his journey. "You don't know what love is yet and you can't, but you will." A year later he made the difficult decision to close the NYS3 Acting Conservatory and Innate Wellness, his Bioenergetics Clinic. Over the last 5 years Richard has had countless mystical and magical experiences with various energetic beings a d the elements who have taught him, through embodied channeling, a variety of different modalities and life lessons.


Then, in 2018 Richard was asked if he could choose a name what would it be. As he thought about it he was shown in a clear vision the name Akana. Curious,  he began researching the name in its root and various spellings discovering that the name has roots in ancient Egyptian and means powerful complete vessel as well as Hebrew where it is a bridge between heaven and Earth. In South American culture is a space that is set/created for transformation. Upon moving to Santa Fe Richard embraced the name as his own. For the next two years he would play with the vibration of it to see where it would take him and what would change. During that time a channeled energy called Andromedus that, at first, began communicating with guidance  thoughts, images and occasional were just images and sentences he would consistently hear until he realized when he was working with a client he wasn't the one moving his hands or talking. This is the energy of when Richard becomes Akana - a vessel to serve humanity and the world. They continue to guide him and his clients into the depths of their hearts and to profound shifts in their resonance, health and passion for life. 

Akana is a vessel and channel for change, co-creation, creative expression, knowledge and transformation. An architect of experiences that tap into the root of who and what we truly are. He holds and creates spaces to empower people to transform physically, spiritually and emotionally into the direction of their most authentic, powerful, playful, sensual and creative self both personally and professionally. Akana does this by helping people shift locked patterns of resonance (old stories and beliefs that are no longer serving) and unlock their creative, sensual and emotional new expression in the world from their heart. Enabling them to live truthfully, vibrantly and unapologetically in their bodies.