LifeShift ACTivate

Discover your authentic self through the art of living truthfully.

Be present. Be Bold. Be Alive

and see what you have been missing.

Play into your Life 

'All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players." - William Shakespeare

Life is supposed to be about play and rom taht play we create . As human beings we are designed to do one thing at our core - to feel. That feeling becomes E-motion that we play with, which when given permission to flow in its expression opens up doorways for creation. When you have access to the full palate of your heart you are able to access the  post inherent, authentic, fluid and powerful creator that passionately rests inside of your soul. Though it all begins with feeling. Giving yourself permission to feel so we can play with all of it. ACT-ivate provides an environment that celebrates your most authentic expression and allows your divine creative expression to flow through you and onto the canvas of your life. 

ACT-ivate uses a variety of interactive techniques including meditation and breathing technique, Meisner Acting Technique, Tantric Energy, Kaufmans Moment work, Williamson and Laban Movement, Improv, writing, nature and sacred ritual to help create an organic pathway into our truth. Once you have that no one can take it way from you. It is your forever. 


LifeShift ACTivate Course Packages

All LifeShift ACTivate Programs are done in person.


The Introductory and Discovery Workshops have a maximum of  300 participants


The Foundational Workshop has a maximum of 20 participants.


Additional private sessions can be purchased for $150/hour.

Depending on scheduling and availability, LifeShift Kinergy and Bioenergetic sessions can also be scheduled 

These workshops are, regardless of length, designed to provide each group with a significant take away and a new sense of ownership and awareness of themselves. What you take away from these experiences is yours forever. 

The deeper you go the more you'll shift.


Shift your resonance.

Shift your life.

Image by Philipp Pilz



One day introductory workshop

Three to eight hours

The introductory workshop is a fun, interactive and organic progression that gives participants powerful tools of awareness, to connect, listen, feel and play into a deeper more vulnerable truth while still feeling safe in the process. 



3 Hours


Image by Levi Ventura


Discovery Workshop 

Two to four day workshop intensive

The Discovery Package


12 - 24 Hours


Image by Matthew Kerslake

One Week 



Seven Day Workshop Intensive 

The Empowerment Package



39-51 hours


On Akana's Acting Program

"Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me-not just acting/career wise, but also for completely changing my life in such an incredible way. You helped me to find me, to be ok with being me, and to learn to be seen and to be heard. You’ve helped me to follow my heart and to learn to connect to the world and to others like I never imagined. You’ve taught me to love myself (which I’m working on) and to get rid of judgement. You taught me the importance of leaning into the fear and how it’s all perfect. You made me proud to be an artist for the first time in my life and made me realize that my voice and what I have to say is important. You showed me what it feels like to truly be alive and you helped me to discover what life really is."

- Jessica B., Johnson City, TN