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LifeShift is an intuitive quantum art based program designed to help you unearth your gifts, discover your desires and live your truth. 


Inside of all of us is a story. One that has been written and one that is yet to be lived. It is all stored in our DNA, which is a program based on our emotional responses to past experiences in this lifetime, other lifetimes and our cultural heritage. Your DNA is a programmed story that holds all of our emotional history and resonance quietly inside of it. Revealing only those parts that our system needs and we deem safe to be seen. All imbalances in the human body begin with a blocked or judged emotion that revolves around beliefs - most of which come from a catastrophic or tramatic experience that then becomes a suppressed emotion. We are usually born with these beliefs imprinted in the womb or brouhgt over from other lifetimes. Our system sculpts our lives around these programs that we don't even realize we are subconsciously and biologically playing out socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

As humans we are designed to do one thing.


And the heart does not judge because the heart is love. All of our emotions are expressions of the heart. To numb one is to numb them all. 

From there we are designed to play with that feeling and ultimately create from that sense of play.

To numb, deny or fight any one part of that process is to try to stop the natural process of life. If it is not used then it will eventually create something. Eventually.

A history that is stored in the body and manifests physically and experientially. The magnitism of the programmed DNA pulls in experiences, creates habitual patterns and opportunities. Using a variety of techniques, LifesShift Bioenergetics, Kinergy, Channeling, and ACTivate programs we get to the resonate root of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual story(ies) and help you shift the resonant vibration into balance. 

When you shift the root you shift the entire tree.


From there you have the option to experience your tree blossom, transition into something new

or sculpt your own unique masterpiece 

With LifeCraft 

LifeCraft is a platform where you get the practical tools to playfully and consciously develop your gifts and begin creating the life you want. 


Begin living the life that's been waiting for you.

Ready to Shift?

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Combining Western Technology with Eastern Medicine, discover and shift the resonate roots of mental, emotional and physical imbalances. This, like all LifeShift processes, shift your resonance, your vibration and your life. 


Shift your story. Shift your vibration. Shift your life.



Discover life, your truth and your power by awakening your body's wisdom through sound, movement and dance. Everything you are looking for is inside of you. Now you get to play in the sacred vessel you were given while its secrets pour out of you and your heart unravels ino freedom.




This creative and interactive process is designed to help groups Discover their truth, gifts and potential while organically stripping away everything in the way of their light through interactive authentic play, improv, Meisner based acting technique, channeling, meditation, breathwork and movement