Heart ride home 

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A CROSS COUNTRY CYCLING JOURNEY sharing our hearts as we play with and open ours

Heart Ride Home

 is an exploration of what is possible. A self-imposed adventure into the heart of who we are through a state of play.

an opportunity to practice as conscious creators / manifestors.


heart ride home is a journey 

a journey that empowers us to write a new story

for ourselves and for humanity


heart ride home is a vibrant blank new canvas 

on which we get to paint our dreams and desires,

imagine ourselves anew

and watch as the universe responds

playfully, quickly, directly, magically


Along the way we are collecting stories, meeting amazing souls, and sharing our gifts,

and serving others while also receiving more than we could ever imagine

It’s more fun this way


Each day we are consciously choosing 

to align with our desires

with sensuality, creativity, pleasure, abundance, inspiration and play 


Each day we are consciously choosing

to embrace the extraordinary as ordinary

and be the change we wish to see


Each day we are consciously choosing 

to inhabit our authentic vibration,

and embody a paradigm 

each day we are consciously choosing

to meet the unknown

with radical trust, curiosity, openness, and excitement

more than we were taught to allow


Each day we are learning

that the universe has our back

As we practice radical faith

presence, pleasure, gratitude and self-love

As we allow ourselves to be surprised by life

In the most wondrous ways

riding beyond our habits

and cultural conditioning

to remember

who we really are


Each day we are choosing

to see what is possible.

to see what we can create.

To remember that we are creators.

To see how much pleasure and play we can let in.

and how extraordinary and magical life can truly be.