On Directing

"Akana is an excellent director.

It is unclear when this production officially begins. 

The play attaches itself to us on the drive home."


Theatrical Direction

Theatre provides an extraordinary space for humanity's most authentic and vulnerable expressions of the heart. Directing is, for me, a process of authentically creating life from the heart's expression while unraveling a masterpiece through a co-creative process. It is an opportunity to create an experience that etches itself into the hearts and souls of all those that touch it. Inspiring them to remember what it is to feel

to live

to be. 

Incorporating the truth of the Meisner work and the elements of Moisés Kaufman's Moment work, I love to  seamlessly integrate the audience into the experience with each production that begins as they enter the building. 

I believe that every production, every script calls to it a director, cast and crew. The perfect ensemble that then brings its talents together to co-create the vision that only that unique group can create together. It speaks to its artists beckoning the best that they have as things unravel playfully through a structured organic process. 

My directing style effortlessly and creatively weaves the audience and their hearts into the production from the moment they enter the space, if not before. I ask nothing less then the most powerful truth in each moment. I passionately take advantage of every creative opportunity I can to communicate the heart and soul of the playwright and our current world as simply, creatively and powerfully as possible.