Life is the Craft of Acting

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.

Unfold your own myth.”
― Rumi

What is LifeCraft

LifeCraft is an interactive process for 


On Teaching the Craft

“After having the privilege of working with Akana over the past six years, I honestly believe that he is one of the best clinicians in the business. His knowledge base and experience level are undeniable. The work and theories of Meisner, Kaufman, Adler, and Bogart are well within his wheelhouse and easily accessible. However, where Akana really shines is in his ability to interpret those theories and apply them to even the most inexperienced artists. He connects in a way that both challenges and affirms his students. Consequently, he is able to peel away barriers that keep students from finding honesty and creating a real experience for the audience.”


– Corey Mitchell, Inaugural Tony Award Winner for Excellence in Theatre Education

Image by Glen Carrie


Use the Craft of Acting to manifest the extraodrinay life you were born to live

Your life is a play and you are the main character. So who do you want to be? LifeCraft is a platform where you get the practical tools to playfully and consciously develop your authentic gifts and begin creating the life you want. The one you were born to live. 

LifeCraft is an organic, creative and interactive program that works hand in hand with ACTivate to help groups and individuals PLAY their way into their truth and craft your life how you want. Other LifeShift Programs can also be incorporated into LifeCraft for even more profound shifting.

LifeCraft is an intuitive quantum art based program designed to help you consciously sculpt and play with your gifts, desires and truth in life. Incorporating a variety of acting (Meisner), movement, breathwork, energy and meditation techniques, LifeCraft creates a safe engaging and deeply transformative environment that gives permission for every and anything. As your deepest truth and most profound light come to the surface you begin to feel and embrace your most authentic self. From there your masks fall away and your life begins to shift as the things that no longer resonate or serve your authentic self either adjust or make space for something new. Something beautiful.

From there you learn to consciously craft your life from a creative place of limitless potential, imagination and play. 

Begin crafting and living the life that's been waiting for you.


It's All About the Play

Meisner Acting

Master Your Craft and

Live Your Truth


Soul Movement

Connect, Embody and Play vibrantly and unapologetically

in your body, life and craft


Auditioning & Public Speaking

Headshots, Taping, Live Auditions, Analysis, Movement, Public Presentations, College Prep, Monologues and more

Coaching from A-Z


Script Analysis

Discover a script and see the depth of possibility


Creating Moments

Expand your resonate intuition outside your box and into limitlessness.

Based on Kaufman's Moment work