In 2000, an unexpected dis-ease (imbalance), sent Richard to New Jersey where he discovered bioenergetics. The results from the experience was so profound that he was determined to become a practitioner one day in an effort to help others look at and experience medicine, illness and healing in a new way.

He studied the Meisner (acting), Williamson/Laban (movement) and Mayan (voice/acting) Techniques at the William Esper Studio in NYC as a student and a teacher where he was pursuing acting, dance and modeling. In 2008 he moved to Asheville, NC where he co-founded the Stella Adler Acting Studio and The New York Studio for Stage and Screen Meisner Conservatory (NYS3). He was the artistic director of the LEAD Productions Theatre Company and NYS3 Presents, an intimate talk series for industry professionals. He also co-founded Innate Wellness, a bioenergetic clinic where he used sound, light, frequency and quantum technologies to unravel the resonate roots of client's conditions to discover the story and emotional discord that was at the root of the story. Richard discovered that every condition and pattern that came into the office were, at the deepest level, unexpressed emotional energy, miasmic and DNA (story) based. Once the root vibrations were shifted into resonance everything connected to it shifted - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Shifting the person's resonance and vibration - their magnet frequency and consequently their life. 

Then, in 2015, Richard had an experience that would change the course of his life forever when, in the middle of the night, he had a three-hour conversation with a multi-dimensional being that began to tell him about love, his work in the world, past lives and gave direction for his journey. "You don't know what love is yet and you can't, but you will." A year later the school and the clinic closed.

Over the last 5 years Richard has had countless mystical and magical experiences with various beings who have taught him a variety of different modalities. This was the beginning of his mediumship.

In 2018, he was shown the name Akana Mandaté. He discovered Akana has its roots in ancient Egyptian an Hebrew and means powerful complete vessel bridging heaven and Earth while in South American culture it is a space that is created for transformation. He embraced the name and three months later discovered  a channeled energy that was working through him called Andromedus that, at first, were just images and sentences he would hear until he realized, 8 months later when working on a client that he wasn't the one talking or moving his hands. An energy that continues to guide him and his clients into the depths of their hearts and profound shifts in their resonance, health and passion for life. 

Akana is a channel for source and inspired change, play, creative expression and your deepest truth. The founder of LifeShift, he uses the creative arts, quantum technology and channeled bodywork to unravel the root of hidden physical and emotional discord and reallocate the energy into flow. A process that often dramatically shifts the DNA, resonance, and life of individual clients and groups. Consequently unlocking more pleasure, play, authenticity and euphoria giving them space to consciously craft an extraordinary life. Known as a dream maker, he helps people remember the life they came here to live.

Where it all started

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.

Unfold your own myth.”
― Rumi

This  work began calling me 27 years ago. I was walking in front of Chapel Wilson Hall at Appalachian State University when I saw a yard sign that said "Freshman Auditions Today". I had never really done theatre before. It exhilarated and terrified me at the same time. I was on my way to pre-med orientation. I had plans to be an alternative medical practitioner beginning with chiropractic studies. I was passionate about changing the paradigm of modern medicine. I believed there was something yet to be discovered that could rewrite the book on health care. As I continued to walk the sign gnawed at my soul. An itch I couldn't scratch. As my steps slowed to a stop as I reviewed the pre-med course load, which included countless courses that ran four years deep. Courses I had deeply struggled with in high school. I quickly realized I would never leave the library (we used libraries back then) for four years if I chose this line of study. As passionate as I was about the work my heart felt a calling to step into a different kind of fear. This was far more terrifying then chemistry four and advanced calculus. So I stopped. Paused. Turned around. Walked back into Chapel Wilson Hall and signed up to audition. It was a total fuck it moment. A moment when my soul had taken over my body because it knew something I didn't.


Two summers before, I fell in love with theatre and Lisa at Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain, NC. Lisa was in love with David. I thought they were the perfect couple. I admired them or their playfulness and ability to communicate so beautifully and organically. They would improvise musical theatre together. David would spontaneously jump on desks and grab stand in microphones before bursting into song while Lisa would  playfully respond without missing a beat. I was in awe of their free flowing magical dance. 


While I was at Camp Rockmont , Lisa introduced me to the musical Les Miserables. The only reason I even entertained listening to a musical was because I was in love with Lisa. It wasn't cool back then for guys, especially in high school, to listen to musical theatre. At the time I was just watching her trying to listen as she passionately told me the story of Jean Valjean and Javert. I didn't really care about the musical at the time. I was just enjoying hanging out with her.  Until there was this moment when I actually started listening. I started pressing play when Lisa wasn't around. It was then that I truly began to hear the characters. Their hearts began to penetrate mine. I started seeing the set, the staging. Within a few weeks I had directed the entire musical in my mind before I knew what a musical was. It ignited something in me. I felt alive. 


I became an Icarus of theatre unquenchable and this passion laid the foundational doorway to the work I would be doing the rest of my life -  a hybrid of acting and bioenergetics. It became the most powerful interactive transformational work I had ever experienced with the privilege and honor of being with people in their most powerful, authentic, and vulnerable heart filled states. It was exhilarating and it was teaching me everything as I came to see that it is all about play. 

Everything is about the play. 

In my work I approach everyone and everything from the perspective of it all being a divine expression of source without judgement. I believe that everything is genuinely perfect and always inspiring us as it moves us to create towards alignment with our greatest most heart felt, powerful and expansive version of ourselves. I listen to what is wanting to be heard, played with and co-created whether it is a script, a health concern, an imbalanced pattern, or some other form of life all of which is life and all of which is magic. And with magic anything is possible.

On LifeShift Bioenergetics

"A session with Akana can uncover parts of yourself that you have been missing or unaware of, and need to embrace. This can change your perspective on and participation in the world.

I have noticed that I am more present and excited about life. A contrast to mentally being "partly here while partly there," and missing out on the full experience of life around me. There is an expanded awareness in my way of being.

I have a renewed respect for myself and for all the souls around me. My worthiness is realized, and my life is enriched. 

Whether you want to pursue your physical, spiritual or emotional issues, Akana leads you in a gentle, supportive and wise manner. When your session is completed, you feel excited, and expanded."

"It is life changing", I was told, and indeed it is."

 Yoko C. DOM, Santa Fe, NM